New Year’s Eve Menu 2023

Exquisite Creations by the Chef

Iberian Ham Canapé on a Bed of Vienna Bread

Octopus and Arzúa Cheese Canapé with Corn Bread and Raisins

Potera Squid Stuffed with Delicate Hake and Savory Manchego Ratatouille

Warmed Seafood Symphony Salad

Confit Artichokes with a Dusting of Premium Iberian Ham

Seafood Paella Royale

Roasted Veal Tenderloin Accompanied by Silky Truffle-Infused Mashed Potatoes and Wild Forest Mushrooms

Puff Pastry with Almond Cream, Whipped Cream, and Hot Chocolate Drizzle

Lucky Grapes and Christmas Sweets

Your Choice of Coffee or Tea

Mantel Blanco Verdejo 2022 (Rueda)

Viña Salceda Crianza 2019 (Rioja)

Gran Feudo Chivite Rosé 2021 (Navarra)

Dominio de la Vega Reserva Cava 2019 (Valencia)


P/P V.A.T. Included

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